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Office Technology

Dr. Fullerton uses the latest digital technology in orthodontic treatment planning.

Digital Photography

All patients have before and after digital photos taken. It is always amazing to see at the end of treament the changes that have taken place!

Digital Panoramic Radiograph

Today's digital radiographs provide a much clearer view of the jaws and surrounding structures at a fraction of the radiation exposure used by conventional X-Rays.

Digital Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph

Dr. Fullerton has been extensively trained in cephalometry and uses a state of the art tracing program to evaluates all patients. This analysis allows Dr. Fullerton to evaluate growth, skeletal positions of the jaws, and positions of the teeth to determine the most predicable treatment outcomes.

Digital Study Models

Dr. Fullerton uses the latest 3D imaging of study models available. The traditional plaster models have now been replaced with these new digital models. Dr. Fullerton also uses proprietary software to peform space analysis and other measurements directly from these models.